How to Customize Yoga Pants

Nov. 09, 2022

We know many of you are curious about how to manufacture my own custom yoga pants. In this page, let us take a look at the entire process to custom yoga leggings, helping you have an idea about how customized yoga pant manufacture and how long does each part take to.

1.Collect all detailed information

We will collect all the necessary information from client like concept, design, fabric choice, colors, Logo, etc. Our sales department and design department will discuss the points of your custom yoga pants through video conference.

And please make sure that have a high-resolution JPG, PNG or AI  file of the logo and print pattern. It does not matter if you only have hand-drawn draft of your own yoga pants. Our mock-up designer will make a blueprint for you. Just make sure you have the whole design specification on the hand-drawn draft.

2. Design confirmation

We will confirm the design, pattern, fabric, etc to make the sample.

The design department starts with determining the pattern (also known as cut sheet). All the pattern’s dimensions will all adjustable according to your design artwork and size chart.

3.  Make sample

After confirming the design details, the sample team will start to make a sample for your to confirm that the size and cut of the yoga pants is the correct one.  If not, we will tweak until the sample is right as what you want.  This may take about one or two week depending on if first sample is agree on upon you.

4. Quote and contract

Once the client confirmed the sample. We provide quotation for unit price and delivery time. The client will confirm the price, delivery time and quantity for the order.

5.  Manufacturing

The production team will immediately arrange the production line once sign the contract. After the inspection of fabric production, the production department will move on cutting and sewing your custom yoga pants. From the fabric color you have decided and following the pattern you have chosen on. We could take about 2-4 weeks until the finished yoga pants are out, which depends on the design complexity and order quantity.

6. Pack & Ship

We start packing and shipping goods to the client.

Above are the whole introduction of how to custom yoga pants.

Uchang can customize yoga clothing according to your brand or logo. With decades of manufacturing experience, we can design yoga clothing or sportswear that will satisfy your customers.

We work together with you to create activewear collection from scratch. Provide us with design sketch and requirements on design & quality, or sending us original samples with modify advice. We will listen to you carefully and provide our suggestions on design, measurement, fabric, color and others.

Click to our contact page to find our email inquiry form and phone number. What’s more, we also have the FAQs page, that you may want to check out the information there.