How to Choose the Right Fabric of Custom Yoga Pants

Nov. 14, 2022

As a yoga wear manufacturer, we know that fabric is critically important for any yoga wear or activewear related brand. As you know, most brands with record sales are using sustainable and Eco-friendly fabrics.

A qualified yoga pants material has the following points:



-Quick dry

-Four-way stretch

Specific to how to choose the right material for your custom yoga pants, here is a detailed features comparison of the different materials:

Polyester and Spandex

Durable, lightweight, breathable and quick drying.

Ideal for sublimation printed yoga pants that more focus on how the print looks.

Nylon and Spandex

Breathable, soft and super elastic, while still wicking moisture

 If your design is solid color yoga pants and prefer a skin-friendly fabric, this is the ideal material.

Lycra fabric

Super stretchy, heat resistant, and dries faster than spandex fabrics

Premium fabric for yoga pants, but more expensive.

Recycled polyester and spandex

Eco-friendly, sustainable materials, made from plastic bottles.

This is a good choice if you and your brand are after and are passionate about sustainable products.

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As for the thickness, it depends on the usage scenario of your custom leggings:

For winter or outdoor yoga: 250gsm-280gsm would be ideal to keep warm without being too see-through.

For summer or dynamic yoga classes: 180-220gsm is recommended for you. What's more, the thickness of the popular fabric now is thin and light. But you don't have to worry about the perspective problem, the updated double-sided polyester/nylon fabric will solve it for you.

Options for a range of colors:

We have some colors in stock, which also gives you a low MOQ. If you are a start-up, when ordering custom yoga pants, you prefer multiple colors but fewer quantities. You may have different needs for colors, send us your desired pantone shade and we'll send lab swatches and swatches for confirmation.

Updating the popular fabrics used by well-known brands and sharing with you the fabrics that suit your brand is something we have been working on over the years. Every design we produce will offer four-way stretch, buttery touch soft feel, and enhanced breathability. It is close-fitting instead of "tight", which can ensure the maximum range of body motion.

You can choose yoga pants in stock or design your Customize Yoga Leggings. Factory Price! Recycled & Sustainable Cloth Materials, Environmentally Friendly. 

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